Monday Motivation – Shift the Mindset

I work with people who struggle from many disorders whether it be medical or mental or both. Sometimes I come across people who don’t know anyone else who is struggling and they feel all alone and ‘abnormal’. Never ever feel alone because there are millions of people struggling with you!!

Ask yourself this question, “ am I a victim of my circumstances or am I much more than my illness?” Whatever is occurring in your life, focus on all of the things you can still do and not on what has become a challenge.

Shift the mindset and the challenges will be less difficult. is a great community of support. The below article is well worth the read. Engage in change and change will occur!

8 Things I’ve Learned From Several Decades of Bipolar Disorder

~mh 💕😊

A life gone too soon.

Another one of my daughter’s high school classmates has taken their life due to postpartum depression. Such a tragedy.
Please reach out to people even if you don’t think they’re struggling because the last thing you want to do is reach out and them not be there to respond. 😢
Check your state for postpartum depression information. 




ALL are Welcome here!!!

This was NOT the consensus of social workers as a whole. I can’t imagine any social worker being OK with this. If they are, they shouldn’t be a social worker. Find a different career. Social Work IS a helping profession.

The Texas Board of social work examiners was bullied into putting this into effect and we will ask for immediate removal. The social work profression does not turn away ANY individual nor should it be tolerated. What game is the Governor playing? Shame on him.

Whether you want to believe it or not Texas is not a helping state. We don’t help our elders, we don’t have optimal mental health services and the list goes on and on. It amazes me why people want to move here because when they need help they can’t get it and and now Texas wants to oppress a vulnerable population. No matter your religious beliefs, not believing that everyone deserves fair treatment is immoral from where I sit.



Monday Motivation – Stress – Don’t let it destroy you.

There is good stress that helps us grow and then there is not so good stress that creates anxiety and depression and sometimes takes away our will to live.

3 things to remember to lower/eliminate ‘bad’ stress:

ADAPT to the environment.


SHIFT the mindset and view the environment differently.


CHANGE the environment.

There are always options. It is a matter of putting health as a priority or not.

Your choice.

Write down your stressors and ‘look’ at them and ask yourself, “is it worth it?”

What’s the barrier to lowering your stress today?


Monday Motivation – Be nice to your neighbors, Right and Left.

Depression, anxiety, addiction and all other mental illnesses do not care if one is Republican or Democrat.

Suicide does not care if a person votes left or right.

There are no VIPs where mental illness is concerned. 

When people reach out for help they are asked a lot of questions but one of them has nothing to do with their political affiliation. IT DOES NOT MATTER.

With all of the anger, hatred and no respect for life in the US right now, I am thinking mental illness is the new contagion. Sheesh!

Stop the Madness!! We can do better.

National Suicide Hotline:

Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas


S.U.I.C.I.D.E – Let’s End this Epidemic. You With Me?

We are nearing the end of National Suicide Prevention Month.

My purpose: helping those in a dark place gain quality of life back and live in a world where they feel misunderstood.

The actions leading up to a suicide go unnoticed for many reasons. In no particular order:

  1. People are really good at masking depression and thoughts of suicide.
  2. People don’t want to talk about it because they feel people don’t want to listen.
  3. Family and friends think “they wouldn’t really take their own life….they will be okay”.
  4. Family and friends think the person is suicidal just to get attention and don’t take them seriously. PLEASE TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY!
  5. Family and friends are not educated as to the signs that lead up to suicide.
  6. People are fearful of helping their loved ones because “what if the family finds out”?
  7. “He/she has a good life….what could they be depressed about?” “It’s all in their head.”

They go unnoticed because some don’t want to notice. Society turns away from mental health issues instead of embracing the wonderfulness of mental illness. Some of the most brilliant people have struggled with mental illness.

We often take ‘today’ for granted thinking the person will be OK ‘tomorrow’. The problem with that thinking is the person having thoughts of suicide doesn’t want to be here tomorrow. They are in such a dark place that there is no reason to be here tomorrow.

Some suicides/attempts are impulsive with no warning.

Often times, a week or two prior to a suicide, people research the internet for methods.

Many have actually seen their psychiatrist or therapist prior to an attempt but the conversation of suicide was not had or the relationship was not strong enough and the person didn’t share or minimized how they felt because they really didn’t want to be there. Maybe they were afraid if they said something they would be rushed to an emergency room and placed in a locked unit which seems to be the only treatment thus far when bringing up the word suicide IS locking people in a psychiatric unit. THIS SYSTEM NEEDS TO CHANGE..

Family and friends who do try to help… That’s really all one can do because at the end of the day if someone truly wants to end their life they will find a way.

I’ve known people who have received treatment and help and then went home and they are no longer with us.

Perhaps our treatment methods are not working.

There is no cookie-cutter approach when treating people with mental health concerns….. at least there should not be.

Whether one is a homeless person, musician, CEO, celebrity, housewife, teacher, police officer, lawyer, nurse, engineer…. I don’t have enough room to write every occupation…. just know that mental illness will find you as it does not care who you are or how much money you have or where you live or how successful you are.

There is much shame and guilt associated with suicidal thoughts and attempts and we need to learn how to communicate with people because it’s very difficult and can put the person at risk for another attempt or a fatal one.

I will say that I believe the majority of people getting help for their thoughts of suicide and/or their attempts go forward to lead successful lives and accomplish their dreams and goals.

I have often said that I don’t know that we can 100% prevent suicide but we can certainly do what we can to prevent the numbers from increasing. I will never label people as just a number because they are so much more than that.

Your role in this?…..
Be a friend…..and then some.

~mh 💕😊

Monday Motivation – Embrace Who You Are

In defense of mental illness, the entire country is mentally ill. Just sayin…..Some more than others. Some deny. Some acknowledge. Some seek treatment. Some self medicate. Some takes meds. Some do not. Some get better. Some get worse.

If we embraced ‘mental illness’ for what it truly is we would be a much more mentally stable country as a whole.


B is NOT Failing.


Please stop pushing your children to be A students. Striving to be THEIR best is more optimal for their mental health. Perhaps you yourself didn’t do so well in school and you’re trying to live through your children. Perhaps you were pushed to be an A student and you do not want your children to be ‘anything less than’. This is not healthy parenting and literally ‘killing’ young adults and even older adults.

It is most likely innocent but parents are pushing kids to fear failure in childhood and most importantly in adulthood which is creating depression and anxiety in college and beyond resulting in the need to seek psychiatry, counseling and opt for medication.

B is not a failing grade. An F is not truly a failing grade either if at the end of the day one learns something along the way but has inadequate test taking skills or an unhealthy home environment for studying resulting in an F. There is usually a reason why someone is not measuring up to their potential and a persons potential should not be measured up against any other individual….but it is.

I wish we had a different structure for grading in school because and A means nothing in the real world of being a productive citizen.

Carry on…… 💕😊

In Memory – Robert Thompson May 5, 1960 – September 12, 2019

September 14, 2019 I was reading through Facebook and came across a friend’s page with an obituary. I took a double take as I recognized the picture of a young man and then I sent her a message through messenger asking if he had turned ill. While I waited for her reply I was hoping that suicide was not going to be her response but I knew it was a very good possibility. She responded by saying “It was his own doing”. She also knew that I would not be surprised.

A good person. An intelligent person. A caring person. A victim of depression. My heart was broken but knew his pain was now mended. I do understand how much he struggled.

She posted a picture of her brother probably from high school when he was much younger than the 59 years of age he gained his angel wings. I always like to see people when they were younger because that’s truly who they are. She said the version I had met was just a “shell of broken pieces”. She’s absolutely right.

I am a better person for meeting Robert and his family. I mean that sincerely. She thanked me for helping him and for getting him home. I would have had it no other way. Robert had told me it had been many years since he had spoken to his family. He was very somber and did not want to burden them. Not knowing his family, I knew they must care about him and wonder where he was and how he was doing. I was on a mission to reunite them. I am always on a mission! I think of what would’ve happened had he not been home for the last three years. People cross paths for a reason.

There are many families who push their loved ones away and can’t/won’t support/help/assist their loved ones and his sister was right there to take him in as soon as she could. One cannot be more fortunate as Robert Thompson for he had a loving sister and family who cared about him.

Depression is a family illness. It is not an individual problem. There are genetics that play a role. Environment plays a role. Life is often not kind to those with mental illness. Adapting to difficult circumstances takes skill, healthy coping and resilience. These things we are not born with but we must learn as we live. People can grow tired and weary and no longer ‘hold on’.

I met Robert while he was going through a tough time. Depression had taken control. I spoke with Robert and listened as he spoke of many accomplishments, describing a man who had cared for family members and had accomplished anything he set out to do but the tone of his voice revealed profound depression and no longer a will to live.

I assisted him in getting his disability payments reinstated as he purposefully stopped receiving his checks voicing that would give him more motive to want to leave this earth. When he mentioned losing his disability payments his head was held low and his appearance was total hopelessness. I then told him that I could help him get his payments reinstated and he raised his head, his eyes got big and he said “you can?” in what I thought was total relief. I saw a glimmer of hope in his eyes but I wasn’t sure at that point if he was disappointed because getting his disability payments back meant he would have the ability to live and in his mind having no money provided more motivation to die. I told him we would talk.

Not having an income he then lost his ability to pay for his apartment and was left homeless. He said this was by design. It was very cold outside at the time and after spending a few days outside a neighbor took him in. He said that did not go so well and he left the apartment. He ended up in the hospital. In listening to him it was clear that he was going to take his own life at some point. He stayed in the hospital and agreed to ECT treatments. After a number of treatments that seemed to be working he allowed me to contact his sister after much encouragement over several weeks. His sister said they had not known his whereabouts for about 6 years. I could not imagine. She said immediately to let her know when she could come pick him up and she would take him back to her home. She said there was a place on her property where he could live. She emailed me pictures so I could show him in the hopes it would spark interest. I showed him the pictures. He was not super excited to go but he did not decline the offer, either. I encouraged him to contact her and discuss.

The day came where he could go home and he agreed to go with his sister. He was never agitated nor aggressive while in our care. He was soft spoken and a gentle soul. He participated in some groups but for the most part he kept to himself. When he did participate in groups he would speak to the others and provide his wisdom and empathy. He had accomplished so much in his life one would be amazed he suffered from any illness. Words from his family; “Brett was a kind and caring person, always there for others, making him an excellent care giver. He was quiet, reserved, and never pretentious. Brett was an avid reader, and his intellect allowed him to retain everything he learned. If you had a question on how to do something, Brett would know how to do it. He was one of kind.”

I kept in touch with his sister and she would send me pictures and let me know how he was doing. I was always elated to hear that he was doing so well. It was one of those success stories and that is what keeps me doing what I do.

At one point he became ill and she had to take him to Lubbock because he contracted a brain abscess most likely from a tooth abscess. I so wanted to go and help her but my schedule would not allow. I thought….we can’t lose him now after all he has been through! After a lengthy stay in the hospital, he had many teeth pulled and the infection resolved. He blamed himself as he said he knew he needed dental work and had not sought a dentist. It was not his fault. I am sure going to the dentist was not on the top of the list especially when one does not want to live.

I went to visit my mother and drove to California stopping in New Mexico to visit with Robert and his sister. I had not seen him since he left the hospital. He seemed to be doing OK at that time and he looked good. It was good to see him and meet her. He had a feral cat that he was feeding. He was always working on some type of project. She said he stayed to himself most of the time but that he would come eat dinner with them on occasion. She was happy to have him home and near.

Sister said Robert did leave a note and said she was feeling hurt, guilty, sad and lost. I hope the past year she has had some resolve but grief is a lifelong process. I don’t know of a more loving sister. She took him in right away. I have seen the opposite many times. Families are destroyed by depression. I did not ask her for details of the note. I know he loved his sister and family. He did not take his life to hurt them but to relieve his own pain. It’s a terrible tragedy and I know he is at peace now. That sounds so cliche but so much truth lies behind those words.

I cried myself to sleep the night I learned of his death and many more since then. My mission has become more resolute, if that is even possible and my passion for helping others unwavering.

Rest In Peace Robert. Friend, brother, son. You are now healed. You will forever be on my mind. Thank you for being you and for being a part of my journey.

~mh 💕

National Suicide Prevention Week – September 6-12, 2020

I Care. Let’s Talk.