2022 – My Hope for All

Another year has arrived. The last two have been quite unforgettable. 2022 is sure to not disappoint!

I have no resolutions for the New Year as I have in the past but I have much resolve. I am determined to continue to focus on what is important to me and the goals I have set for myself. I will praise my effort along the way. I will NOT beat myself down. As long as I am trying, I cannot fail.

My hope for All this New Year:

1. Get a physical and do so annually. Lab work tells so much about what is going on in the body. Know yours and know your health baseline. Mind and body are connected.

2. Sleep well and feel rested. Clarity is so very important and is clouded by sleep deprivation. We need good sleep in order to function, to think clearly and make good decisions. There have been times when my plate was so full I had to schedule my sleep. Sleep should be a priority.

3. View challenging situations through a different lens. In the absence of a new perspective, options are not always visible. There are ALWAYS options/choices. Some may not be ideal but they do exist and must be recognized.

4. Reduce bad stress and make lifestyle changes where necessary. Not easy sometimes but doable. Body and mind will thank you.

5. Lean into change with an open mind. Nothing has to be permanent.

6. Learn the art of not responding/reacting to every situation. No response can actually be a reaction. Ask yourself, “will my response/reaction be of benefit or harm to me?” Not responding is a healthier way of reacting to situations. Try it!

7. Practice self compassion. Be kinder to yourself. Be patient with yourself and others. Everyone is struggling with something.

8. Trust the gut. It rarely disappoints.

9. Limit social media. Less Facebook. More FaceTime with family and friends.

10. Seek professional help sooner rather than later. We only know what we know. We don’t have all of the answers ourselves and neither does Google. Seeking help is OK.

Life happens. Embrace it all knowing you are not alone in this vast universe.

If Today is not a good day…..Tomorrow IS a New day!

~mh 💕😊

Published by ICare.Let'sTalk.

Hello and Welcome. My name is Melody and I Care. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. This is a place where people can come together and connect sharing their similarities as well as their differences helping one another. You are NOT alone. Everyone has a story. I will share mine along the way. You Matter to the Hatter! I Care. Let's Talk!

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