I assisted an elderly person with a moving sale. There were many albums…vinyl is their new name. There was a box of conversational Spanish records. A young girl about the age of 10-12 asked if they were for learning to speak Spanish. I told her yes, but she would need a turntable to play themContinue reading “Yesteryear”

Monday Motivation – tr

I came home and got out of my car and there was this big bug on the back door and I realized it was a grasshopper. I got a broom and swatted him off of the door so I could get into the house. I didn’t want to kill him but did not want himContinue reading “Monday Motivation – tr”


Right now, this very moment, someone is thinking about suicide. That friend who is telling you they are ‘okay’..’fine’.. is possibly far from allowing you into their actual reality. They aren’t revealing their true feelings because you won’t understand and will brush it off. Listen to them…hear them…and if nothing else, verbally let them knowContinue reading “Suicide”