Don’t Panic Amidst the Current Global Health Issue

As always, life can change in an instant. I hope throughout all of this we can now understand that we are all connected across the world in many ways through sickness and in health.

On March 14, 2020 a Utah Jazz NBA basketball player tested positive for the new virus called COVID-19. I was watching the Dallas Mavericks play the Denver Nuggets on TV at home when all of this was ‘playing’ out and all of a sudden the NBA got word that ALL games would be suspended beyond the end of the games being played that night. Some games were even canceled before they began. This would be the scary, surreal beginning of the cancellations/closures of multiple events and venues across the US.

People have now started to panic going to the grocery stores and buying everything in sight. Toilet paper has now become a commodity along with bread, water, hand sanitizer, cleaners and other essential food items. Mass hysteria has consumed us in the blink of an eye.

When in panic mode nothing results except more panic.

When people are worried I believe the best way to manage this worry is to get clarification about what they’re worried about. When we worry we have questions and if we can get some answers to these questions this will limit our worry. We’re not always going to get all of the answers to the questions but we need to focus on solutions instead of more worry.

Some people start to worry and don’t even know what they’re really worried about. The first thing to do is step back and ask “what is the worry?” Hence, there’s at least one question that needs clarification. More questions will follow. More clarification to be obtained. Stay calm. Seek answers.

As far as this new global health scare, it is important to know the facts and that information being read/heard comes from a reputable source. All forms of media gather their information from other sources so the media is not the original source of the information.

Information/numbers about confirmed cases are going to come from those who have actually been tested. From what I understand there are not enough tests yet therefore people who meet certain criteria are the ones being tested for the virus. In our healthcare system we already have the ability to test for other known viruses and illnesses to which these individuals will be tested to rule them out first. Please consult your city, county or state health department for details of criteria needed to be tested.

A 17-year-old has developed a website to track this virus.

Please look to the Centers for Disease Control for information as well.

There’s also the World Health Organization.

Don’t panic. Stay calm. Stay away from large crowds. Cover coughs and sneezes. One would be surprised at how far the droplets spread.

Seek medical attention when not feeling well, especially with shortness of breath, or any time health is a worry. This will provide clarification as to health status and help decrease worry.

At the very least: Wash your hands and then wash them some more.


~MH 💕😊

**Nothing in this blog post is intended for medical advice. Please seek advice from medical providers regarding any questions surrounding individual health status.

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