Texas New Abortion Law – We have Stepped to a New Low

We can debate all day what causes babies to be born and different birth control methods. That will not solve the problem but only perpetuates the problem.

The new abortion law in Texas will increase YOUR tax dollars as it forces women to have children they cannot afford to raise.

We would like to think that people know where babies come from and men and women alike would be more careful BUT the reality is they are not and women get pregnant. We are human and fallible.

I would like to add that men get pregnant as well because they have a major part in these pregnancies though they don’t give birth.

Birth control methods other than abstinence are not 100% effective and many people taking birth control end up pregnant.

I know women who are doing heroin and meth and all kinds of other drugs and end up pregnant having no business birthing a child unless they can come clean and hope that that child won’t be developmentally delayed or worse. Unless they have the baby at home, most likely CPS will come to the hospital and take the baby and they won’t even be able to take the baby home and now the baby ends up God knows where because our foster system Is less than adequate. Or better yet, grandparents will be raising grandchildren in their retirement years. That’s already a big problem. Innocent children deserve better.

Men have told me that “she told me she was on birth control“. What I have to say to that is take it with a grain of salt and use your own protection because men and women manipulate and lie to one another every day. Reality check!

We have now created circumstances where children will be born who may not be wanted, susceptible to abuse, possibly developmentally delayed or worse if the mother was using drugs and these individuals will turn into adults who are dysfunctional and we have enough of that running around already.

Our Texas constitution explicitly states that crime victims will be treated fair and with dignity. A woman who has been raped is not being treated fair nor with dignity if she is forced to have a child as a result of that heinous crime.

Wealthy women and men will have the financial means to go and get an abortion no doubt about it.

Low income women with children under the age of 18 can get on Medicaid and can do so when they become pregnant.

Unless they completely do away with the welfare system and the Medicaid system, which I highly doubt they will, tax dollars will have to be increased and they will.

Not to mention, the new law wants to punish ANY citizen for even using the word abortion when talking with an individual. That is ludicrous.

When it comes to the constitution, apparently ‘We The People’ does not include women.

We have stepped to a new low in Texas.

I am not surprised.


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