Monday Motivation – Grief

I attended the mass of a friend this past Friday. It was an unanticipated death and she was only 69. She always had a smile on her face and she truly lived life to the fullest. I followed her travels through Facebook. She would travel to Florida to Disney World with her kids and grandkids and was often going to the beach. She traveled the world. Her granddaughter lost a grandmother too soon.

Grief is very personal and a lifelong process. We never ‘get over’ someone’s death. NEVER. We learn to live life with a new direction and a new or added purpose.

Do what feels right for you and you alone. When you are feeling better create something in the persons memory. Maybe a scrapbook of things they liked. Honor them in some way and let people know the person they were and do the things that you know they would’ve liked to do. Writing them a letter can be helpful as well. Pour your feelings onto paper rather than keeping them stuffed inside. Breathe.

A dear friend passed away years ago. An elderly Irishman. He was always providing me sound advice like a father and I enjoyed talking with him. We met by happenstance. We would sit and have cookies and tea and laugh. I think perhaps I made him laugh more. Now I try to make people laugh on purpose! 😊

In the beginning after he passed, I talked to him probably daily. I know he was listening for my tears would dry up by the end of our ‘conversation’ and I would feel better. He was a dear sweet man. I know for sure I’m a better person for knowing him even if it was only for a short time. I believe 100% that we cross paths with people for a reason.

I feel sure he is continuing to be one of my guardian angels. I know I have more than one. 

Every day is a new day.

Take your time and take care of yourself. Your loved one would want it no other way.

~MH 💕😊

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