Alone for the Holidays.

My eldest son and his girlfriend came by last night and helped put the lights on the tree. I always like to have a tree up for Thanksgiving. It helps me get into the spirit of the holidays.

Each year that passes I see my kids finding their way in life, growing into the adults I prepared them to be. I am so very proud of them. What I wasn’t prepared for was being alone. I always thought I would remarry after my divorce. That day has yet to come. Not sure it ever will.

Each Thanksgiving I wake up, put the turkey in the oven and watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. My kids come over about 12:30 for lunch and possibly stay long enough to watch football then they are off continuing their own journey. I give thanks for their health and cherish time spent with them knowing each year that passes is one more year closer to the end of mine. They will say goodbye with a loving hug and I will sit and reflect on how it used to be when they were younger. Time has flown by……too quickly.

Being alone has it’s pros and cons. I focus on the pros as much as possible.

I control the remote!

I do what I want when I want.

I control the money…my money. 🙂

All kidding aside. Being alone does not have to be all bad. It’s all in how one thinks. My life did not turn out as I planned. It is what it is. I move forward with less planning and more doing.

I love to travel.

I like capturing moments in pictures.

I like listening to music, especially the music I grew up with. I am more focused on the lyrics now than I was then.

I am a MFFL and for those of you who don’t know what that is……Mavs Fan for Life! Go Mavs! 🙂 If there were no basketball, life would be so boring. Lol!

I started walking again. Fitness is important. Find the motivation to get moving.

Being alone has always provided me the opportunity to get to know myself. I have even learned to love myself! That is something most people are lacking and is the root to some of their troubles.

Holidays come and go. They are not here forever. It is a stressful time of year for many, especially those who spend time alone. I at least have my kids for a visit. For that I am grateful.

Stay off social media as that can be a source of added stress during this time. I have learned to roll past what I see and hear on social media and not let it affect me because I know people pretend they are happy when in fact they are not.

Make this Thanksgiving Day a day that you are thankful for YOU and all that you are and let everything else fall into place as it should….and will. 💕😊

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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