It’s the Little Things that Make All of the Difference

I was sitting at Sonic near my house which I occasionally do to get my SONIC ‘fix’ and just sit and think and process my day, upcoming day or life in general. In this case I had come from a job interview and now would be heading to work soon to work another 4-12 shift in the emergency room. It has been super busy there lately with psychiatric assessments but that is what I primarily do and those are the people I love to help because they are people and people deserve to be treated with respect no matter what their medical or mental ailments may be.

My order came to $7.11 and I had a $10. I always tip at least a dollar but this time I thought I will give them the $10 as it would not have been that much more of a tip than the dollar I normally give.

A female came to the car and said “hi my name is Gwen and I will be your carhop”. She gave me the order and said “That will be $7.11”. I handed her the $10 and said keep the change. Her eyes got big, her jaw dropped and she smiled and acted all giddy. I said, “ I am in a good mood” and she said, “so am I”. I said, “well, I’m actually always in a good mood” and she said, “so am I!” She said, “here” and dug into her pocket and gave me two coupons for some ice cream and a free soda from sonic. She was still not believing that someone actually gave her an extra tip let alone a tip at all. She said, “have a great day!” and she ran off like a little kid!

Anytime I can bring out the little kid in someone I’m all for it. I’m still a little kid inside, too, as I think we all are if we stop and think for a minute. We are all kids that have grown up into adults. I never want to lose sight of the little girl in me because she’s in there. She is just wiser, walked a few more miles and weathered a few more storms.

Make a difference in someone’s life today. You can do it! It takes very little effort.

It took $2.89 to brighten this lady’s day.

It truly is the little things we do that make all of the difference.

~MH 💕😊

Published by ICare.Let'sTalk.

Hello and Welcome. My name is Melody and I Care. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. This is a place where people can come together and connect sharing their similarities as well as their differences helping one another. You are NOT alone. Everyone has a story. I will share mine along the way. You Matter to the Hatter! I Care. Let's Talk!

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