Monday Motivation – Open on Thanksgiving

Seven to eight years ago I remember being unemployed. I had never had trouble getting a job and I would have taken any job but could not get hired for even $10 per hour because I was ‘over qualified’.

I would see/hear people complaining about working on holidays. During that not so wonderful time in my life I silently thought “I wish I could work for these people who do not want to work”.

Retail stores are now opening on Thanksgiving and people are complaining again that they have to work. Even people who are no longer working are complaining about others who have to work.

What is all the fuss? I get it but I would like to provide a different perspective.

We always want our lives to be better, easier, more convenient. We do not take the time to realize it could be so much worse. 

Holidays are a time to spend with loved ones but I can tell you that if a job was lost, a career ended or one was ill and could not work then holidays would not be pleasant.

Working in a hospital I see so much sickness; people who can’t work, lose limbs, go on disability, go home on hospice, receive cancer diagnosis with poor prognosis and the list goes on and on. Many do recover to go home and continue living. I have the most compassion for those who don’t.

Throughout my journey I have met many people who literally have no family. I continue to meet them. They are walking through life alone. That must be tougher than working on any holiday.

It is now the time of year we give thanks to all we have including the people in our lives. If we have a job and are able to provide for our basic needs we should start there and be thankful.

If we are lacking work perhaps we could be thankful for our health, our children, family, pets and our friends. Family can be anyone and everyone we want it to be. Let this time of year be the time to define family.

If life finds us weary, sit for a bit and do nothing. Reflect/regroup on where it is we want to be/go on this journey and start anew. Be thankful for the ability to start anew.

When I was younger I worked retail for over a decade and I worked many holidays. I probably complained a time or two as well. We were closed on Thanksgiving but opened early the day after. I always worked that day.

If people do not like the environment where they work they need to look elsewhere. Reinvent themselves.

As I began a family raising small children working every holiday and working late nights in retail no longer served my purpose and that’s when I made a change. I made a lot of sacrifices and that’s what a lot of people don’t want to do with regard to change. We all have options yet for some reason we always feel like we don’t. We would rather complain about what we don’t like rather than work towards finding happiness with what we do like. I chose the latter. Finding myself unemployed years back I made a change again and went back to school to get a masters degree in the direction of hopefully never being without a job. Only this time I found my purpose, my passion in helping others. My journey continues.

Hotels, hospitals, police/fire departments, airlines, restaurants, gas stations are all open on holidays.

Let these retail places be open on Thanksgiving. The one thing we shoppers CAN control is going shopping or NOT going shopping on Thanksgiving day. If no one shows up to buy anything perhaps they will rethink being open next year.

Society has created these holidays. We should not wait until one specific day rolls around each year to be thankful and spend time with our family. We should do this EVERY day!

Most importantly……be thankful another Thanksgiving Day has arrived.


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