Social Media does NOT Equal Social Connections

We are living in a time period where social media consumes our daily lives. One can have 1400+ ‘friends’ on their social media and not one of them they consider enough support to call upon in an hour of need.

Please go through your friends’ list of all social media and make notes of the ones who you can definitely call if needed and will actually be there, listen and support you. You may be surprised. My hope is there is at least one person. One is better than none.

If there is not even one, please get back into the ‘real’ world to find that person. Human connections need to be real.

We’re connected…..yet we’re SO not connected.

Get Connected!

I Care! Let’s Talk! 💕😊

Published by ICare.Let'sTalk.

Hello and Welcome. My name is Melody and I Care. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. This is a place where people can come together and connect sharing their similarities as well as their differences helping one another. You are NOT alone. Everyone has a story. I will share mine along the way. You Matter to the Hatter! I Care. Let's Talk!

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