Monday Motivation – Quarantined = Start New Habits

Every day I go to work I pray I do not get this virus. I know the severity of it if I do. Symptoms can come on quite quickly. I do not leave the social work office unless consulted to see a patient, go to the restroom or to the cafe to get food and bring back to the office. I see mostly psychiatric patients and others but not those being tested for COVID-19.

Yes, the world continues even though the virus is the topic of conversation. People are still suffering depression, anxiety, suicidal thinking, domestic violence, loss of work, financial hardship, etc.

While our current status of “stay at home“ is certainly temporary it can feel like it’s going to last forever. Anytime we are in any crisis we feel like it’s going to last forever.

We are told to self monitor for any symptoms. Of course if you know me I’m always self monitoring for any symptoms of any kind. Perhaps that’s because I work in healthcare and understand fully disease processes and how they manifest along with potential negative outcomes. I am now hyper focused and trying not to anticipate any symptoms. I’m not even on the frontline of all the healthcare workers. However, one doesn’t have to be on the frontline to be exposed. We are all at risk.

I am using hand sanitizer every chance I get. I’m washing my hands throughout the day. I am even sanitizing the doorhandles to the office.

I am off this week and I’m going to practice self-care, catch up on sleep and begin new habits.

I will think about my coworkers, the nurses and the physicians who are in close contact with very sick people although they do have the capability to use telemedicine but if they have to do any kind of procedure they have to be in the room with the person. This has to be scary.

I’m going to think about those who have had to be intubated and are in ICU praying that they recover.

We hear so much about the large numbers of people who are recovering. We can’t lose sight of even one person who has succumbed to this vile invasion to the body not to mention the thousands across the globe.

One day they were traveling or just minding their own business living life and in the blink of an eye they’re now fighting for their life. Hard to even comprehend.

We take so many things for granted. We do it without even thinking about it. It’s natural. I will never again take toilet paper for granted. I am missing ‘my’ Northern terribly. Those who work for toilet paper manufacturers are some of the luckiest people right now. I jest but who would’ve ever thought that toilet paper would be in such high demand? A sign of the times for sure.

Seriously, we literally have to be mindful of things we are grateful for. It’s only through hardship or catastrophe that we really think about gratitude and how precious life really is. We need to remind ourselves that we are only on this earth for a short period of time. It seems like the only time we really think about that is when we know we only have so much time.

I’m going to begin new habits this week that I’m hoping will continue for many years to come. Fully engaging in exercise is one of them. I’ll exercise here and there but I want to consistently be exercising. I’m not getting any younger and the more I exercise now the more mobile I will be in my older years.

I’m going to finish at least one book that I have started. There are many others that I need to begin.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about getting my affairs in order. If I were to become seriously ill or die today my adult kids would not know the first thing to do or how to get to my finances or where to look for important papers. I truly believe they think I will live forever. If only…….

Being single and independent I do everything myself. It’s time to now get things organized and engage my adult children in what they should do in case something were to happen to me. I sat down with them several years ago and discussed my living will but they were in their early 20s and they didn’t really want to talk about death and dying but it is inevitable.

During this time of uncertainty for many, step back, get some sleep, look at the bigger picture. Don’t try to solve all problems in one day. Reach out to friends, family, coworkers and ask for help if need be. We all need each other. 

Reassess relationships. Reassess careers. Take this time to start new habits; whatever that may be for your situation. Get rid of old habits that no longer meet your needs or no longer serve a beneficial purpose.

Engage in change and change will occur.

Be safe and be well knowing every day is a new day!

~MH 💕😊

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Hello and Welcome. My name is Melody and I Care. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. This is a place where people can come together and connect sharing their similarities as well as their differences helping one another. You are NOT alone. Everyone has a story. I will share mine along the way. You Matter to the Hatter! I Care. Let's Talk!

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